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The Monkey Inside Peppers:

Make it fun

The humble pepper. Misunderstood and unloved. Left on the shelf. Literally. How to rekindle the relationship between peppers and mothers with young children? How to get peppers in tasty (and healthy) recipes? How to give the poor pepper a complete makeover? It took a little monkey head scratching (removing a few fleas in the process).

Everyone knows that peppers are good for you, but healthy can be a rather dull message. And that’s when the light bulb appeared above the monkey’s head. Change the perception of peppers from healthy and boring to healthy and fun!

We created a new content marketing strategy for the UK, Germany and the Netherlands. To start a new relationship between the customer and the pepper. Using a colourful fun illustration style online, instore, in print, in posters and in editorial content, to give the pepper a modern image. Changing cooking behaviour with surprising and fun pepper recipes using the colourful illustration style. Healthy hamburgers and pizzas for kids, pancakes, ice cream, poodles (noodles made from peppers). Changing consumer perception by showing and telling in a fun way that peppers are perfect for any moment of the day. And a payoff emphasizing its flexibility: It’s always pepper time.

Monkey Inside went 360° for this three-year project. Working undercover. Creating the Strategy. Producing creative ideas. Making online films and campaigns. Creating and setting up retail activations and events. Monkeys are really quite resourceful. They aren’t afraid of sweat and a bit of hard work!

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