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Distinctive. Creative. Mischievous. We believe that every company, brand and service have these core values. We call this the monkey inside.  The problem: you’re working so hard to survive in the business jungle, you lose sight of your monkey. This is when you need a fresh pair of eyes. Monkey Inside to find and free, well, your monkey inside.

Undercover Monkey

To find your monkey we go undercover. Ape your target audience. Do what they do, see what they see. Use your product. And listen. Really listen. To your office staff, communication personnel, people on the work floor and any other person of interest. An objective briefing is great, but there’s nothing better than personal experience, seeing things with your own eyes. Monkeys can already be found in the lecture rooms of Utrecht University. On the scaffolding of Van Wijnen. Amongst the peppers in the greenhouses of Westland. Hanging from the trees in the woods of Almere. And on tugboats approved by Bureau Veritas.

Monkey Troop

Monkey Inside works with a troop of more than 150 specialists. When we say specialists, we mean the nerd monkeys, who simply live for what they do. And love what they do. They are mostly in the Netherlands, though some rare, almost extinct species can be found in other countries. Whatever is necessary to free your monkey.

Contact the Monkey

The leader of the troop is René. A Creative Director and Expert Marketing Professional (EMP), with more than twenty years of experience. Like most monkeys he is very social and very, very curious. He prefers to come to your office (by bicycle), to use his keen instincts and get a feel of the atmosphere. If you have any bananas, nuts or seeds for René, that’s always appreciated.

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