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Get a grip on your brand:
the Monkey Brand Bundle

Over the past 25 years, we have seen the demand for clarity in brand and communication strategies increase. That’s why we decided to help marketers by offering the complete Monkey Brand Bundle. The Monkey Brand Bundle is a complete overview of your brand strategy with tactical tools for everyone in the organization who is involved in communication and sales. We develop the Monkey Brand Bundle together with a Monkey Brand Team that consists of various colleagues from your organization so that the monkey is activated from within. The development time of the Brand Bundle is 3 months.

What’s in the Monkey Brand Bundle?

  • One of our monkeys goes undercover in your organization for a day, helps around and interviews your colleagues
  • Composition of the brand team consisting of a number of your colleagues who act as a reflection board during the collaboration, ensure support and assume the role of brand ambassadors at the roll-out.
  • Kick-off workshop with the brand team
  • Two follow-up sessions with the brand team
  • Development of the Monkey Brand Bundle in PDF format that builds up the brand from the ground for everyone to work with
  • The history of the company is mapped
  • The origin of the name is explained
  • Brand analyzes based on strategic brand models
  • Development of a brand manifesto that clarifies in three paragraphs what you believe in, what you wonder about in the market and what you will do about it. No vague brand values, vision, mission or why, but just a short story that every colleague understands and can share with others.
  • Development of fictional characters of your main target groups (buyer personas)
  • Development of resource flow chart that indicates which resources are needed to achieve sales KPIs for the different buyer personas. In plain English: how marketing will be perceived as an investment instead of costs.
  • The most necessary resources from the flow chart are further explained
  • A content strategy for the coming year

After this, you can prioritize the development of these resources yourself and have it developed by us or (in collaboration with) your current suppliers. Don’t try to execute everything at once, but introduce your colleagues and your customers step by step to the monkey in your brand.

Click here for the rates and a free intake interview.

Feed the Monkey Subscriptions

Feed the Monkey Subscription
To ensure that the Monkey stays fed, we offer the Feed the Monkey subscription. Research shows that 88% of organizational changes do not achieve their goals (Bain Insights, 2016). Together with you, we appoint an ambassador from your brand team to manage the brand team for a year under our guidance and to ensure that the changes are actually implemented. Slowly but surely. We call this person the “Monkey” in your organization, inspired by the Chinese zodiac animal, after which our company is named. The monkey is known for being smart, curious and a little mischievous. And those are the qualities that a brand and your own monkey need to distinguish yourself from the competition. We also call this Brains & Balls for Brands. Because you cannot achieve a distinction with strategic models alone, you make a true difference with courage and creativity.

About Monkey Inside
Distinctive. Creative. Mischievous. Those are the characteristics of the monkey. We believe that every company, brand and service have these core values. We call this the ‘monkey inside’. We are a network organization in Northwestern Europe under the leadership of RenĂ© van Dijk EMP (connect with him on LinkedIn). RenĂ© is a director of sustainable change with more than 25 years of experience in brand management, marketing communications, advertising and design.

The Monkey Five

  1. A designated monkey who is and remains your contact person.
  2. No complicated quotations, but two clear products with fixed prices and deliverables.
  3. Choose whether you want to involve your current suppliers in the implementation or not.
  4. No charging for travel time, travel costs and no hassle about handing over open design files.
  5. No overheads for which you are not supposed to pay, such as your agency’s office building (we come to you or welcome you in one of our flex offices), a lease car (we do have an old bicycle), long meetings and expensive account managers.

Heeft een bedrijf wel een auto nodig?
Does a company need a car? Watch his video and discover what a typical working day at Monkey Inside looks like: 350 km by train, 50 km by bike and not a single gram of CO2.
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