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The Monkey Inside Van Wijnen:

Genuine Interest in the Customer

Van Wijnen. Over 100 years in the construction business. A very wise monkey indeed, though with a few grey hairs. He needed just a little assistance finding his way again: Van Wijnen needed an agency to help them reposition the company.

Monkey Inside examined their existing payoff: ‘More than building’. We became really curious about ‘More’? What did it mean? We won the business by telling the client they needed a monkey undercover to find out more about ‘More’. We visited 22 Van Wijnen offices and talked to everyone, from secretary to MD.  Even mixing mortar and fixing lead sheets on a very high roof at 7.00 am, to really get a feel for the work. 

Only then could we reposition the brand, rewrite the corporate story and restyle the corporate identity. And create other resources: website, photography and exhibition stand.

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