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The Monkey Inside Amsterdam Tourism: Cycleseeing

Cycleseeing Amsterdam

Amsterdam has never had so many tourists. 8.3 million visitors in 2017. They all visit the usual suspects: Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, Red Light Area, coffee shops, Madame Tussauds… Absolute mayhem. And yet, there is so much more to Amsterdam and the surrounding area. World heritage sites, medieval forests, castles, dunes, polders, windmills, beaches and yes, of course, tulips. Billions of them.

We had two goals. Firstly: get tourists on bicycles. Secondly: convince them to cycle out from the centre of Amsterdam. Quite a monkey puzzle. The problem needed something simple and catchy to get the idea across. Something that clearly explained the idea of renting a bike and seeing the sites. Eureka! Cycleseeing. A brand new word for the English dictionary.

Together with our client we created and cycled seven different routes, noting the places most tourist-worthy. We then created seven maps, designed like underground maps, each with its own signature colour. Every ‘station’ was a tourist attraction. These maps were translated into an overall map (just like the map of a metro system). Then, into different media: website, posters at bike rental locations, postcards in hotels and bars. Each cycleseeing route has a name befitting the theme: Waterland, Castles and Gardens, Amstel River, Industrial Heritage, Beaches of Amsterdam, Authentic Haarlem and naturally, Flowers of Amsterdam.cracked mobieltje met cycleseeing kaartcycleseeing amsterdam

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